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describes the numbering system or systems used to count the leaves or pages in a codex.

General Comment:

Attributes: id, lang

Part of: physicalDesc




Differences between documents and manuscripts?
Master: The <foliation> element describes one or more pagination schemes applied to the manuscript. It should be used to indicate the scheme of page numbers, folio numbers or column numbers provided in the manuscript, as in the following examples: <foliation> <p>Folio numbers were added by &amp;Aacute;rni Magn&amp;uacurte;sson ca. <date>1720-1730</date> with brown ink in the upper right corner of all recto-pages.</p></foliation> <foliation><p>Page numbers have been written with pen in the late 19th century on top of every ten recto-pages, to the right: 11, 21, 31, etc. Later, folio numbers have been written between columns on top of every recto-page, in pencil.</p></foliation> It may also include discussion of such features as original signatures or catchwords, where relevant, as in the following example: <foliation> <p>Quire and leaf signatures in letters, [b]-v, and roman numerals; those in quires 10 (1) and 17 (s) in red ink and different from others; every third quire also signed with red crayon in arabic numerals in the center lower margin of the first leaf recto: "2" for quire 4 (f. 19), "3" for quire 7 (f. 43); "4," barely visible, for quire 10 (f. 65), "5," in a later hand, for quire 13 (f. 89), "6," in a later hand, for quire 16 (f. 113).</p> </foliation>
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