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the text of the document

General Comment:

Attributes: id, lang

Part of: charter , body

Contains: nota , pict , elongata , p , lb , pb , c , figure , hi , protocol , context , eschatocol , date , index , abbr , expan , add , addSpan , corr , damage , gap , del , delSpan , handShift , lacunaEnd , lacunaStart , restore , sic , space , supplied , unclear , app , cb , notariusSign , notariusSub , note , cit , quote , foreign , datatio



What is wrong with calling it text? Tenor is something different…it is the tone of the text. I would use the term “content” rather than text in any case, because in English text refers to the body of the document. So, you would have protocol, text and eschatocol. Alternatively, you can use text as an overall term for content and call the central part of the document “body” or “message body”.
(Luciana Duranti, 2007-02-18 11:34:50)


abstract as a part?
We should divide strictly 1) the text on a charter from 2) the physical description and 3)its metadata and so perhaps he should use something like this: <cei> <charter> <text>(with the transcription/edition and/or the abstract) <physdesc> (with the description of all external and internal features) <metadata> (with all data belonging to the authenticity of the document)
(Karsten Uhde, 2007-02-20 16:12:08)

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