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- The Mailing-List of the Charters Encoding Initiative -

The main purpose by CEI-L is to discuss the digitization of medieval charters with XML. It was established by a working group in spring 2004. With this list the working group offers a forum for everybody trying to scan, encode, markup, structure informations related to medieval legal documents. The working group develops a proposal for a standard to do this with XML. Therefore any contribution on special diplomatic phenomena not covered by the existing proposal (http://www.cei.uni-muenchen.de), logical inconsistencies, semantic ambiguities are likewise welcome as announcements of projects working with the proposal, practical issues in planning such a project, technical question on presentation of the results of a project, looking for specific document collection propably encode with the proposal etc.

How to subscribe to the distribution list

You subscribe to the list via this page or send an email to


You will then receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription.

How to cancel your subscription to the distribution list

You can unsubscribe the list via this page or send an email to


The mailserver will respond that it did unsubscribe you.

How to post to all those who are subscribed to cei-l

In order to send mail to those subscribed to the list: send your email to cei-l@lists.lrz.de. (You have to be subscribed to be able to send mail via this list).

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